Welcome to CBD Healing StoreTM!

CBD Healing StoreTM was created by Jorge and Lucia, from London, UK. It all began when we have have become passionate for CBD products by testing and trying them ourselves, together with our families and feeling it’s wonderful healing benefits daily. This sparked a journey of discovery regarding the many different healing benefits of this natural plant which has been around for thousands of years.

Based on this, and because we understand the need for it, we have decided to create a safe place where we can share with others this beautiful natural gift from nature. Moreover, we understand CBD use is a journey, which can be different to everyone depending on their needs. Based on this, joint with our personal experience, we all have started unconsciously saying to ourselves that CBD help us Live a Better Day, Every Day!TM  So, very naturally our concept was set and created. For us, CBD Healing StoreTM is here to help people live their lives the best way possible, naturally. 


We are the UK’s leading marketplace for best quality CBD products. We have partnered with the best worldwide leading CBD brands which understand, follow and shape the market according with highest quality standards. Therefore, CBD Healing StoreTM is the UK’s #1 choice when it comes to trusting our products and services.

Our commitment to you is top quality products and services. Every product we provide is third party tested making sure it follows all legal CBD requirements and you also know each of the ingredients.


We wouldn’t be here if wasn’t for you. CBD Healing StoreTM was born out of the want to give to people a safe and easy place to find the highest quality CBD products, all in one place.

We have designed and created the platform aiming to offer our customers a world class experience with clear and easy use. We keep optimising the platform to always improve and offer the best online quality experience.


Every single brand at CBD Healing StoreTM was careful chosen by us. We have picked the products, and brands based on their product traceability, credibility, and trustworthiness. Our brands are market leaders for their product quality but also for the CBD influence they have within the CBD market environment. Adding to this, we know them all one by one, and we continuously work together daily empowering us this way to be the UK’s #1 retail & online shop choice for CBD products. 


We are on a mission to become the world leading place of choice when it comes be the #1 go-to people chose for best and most trusted CBD products. Equally we want to be identified as the most trustworthy, and transparent CBD store with a service of excellence.


CBD Healing Store is the number 1 supplier for CBD Oil, CBD Edibles and CBD Cosmetics. We also provide CBD Pet products. CBD Healing Store is the number one online stop for CBD Products.